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Unreal Engine Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D solution is the latest technology in worldwide powered by Unreal Engine.</p> <p>It is also the evolution of the mode of communication between clients and designers in the architectural field. With the help of our development, we can take you to fully immersive experiences which can comprehensively understand every detail of the project.

Taikoo Place 2 – Swire Propeties

Virtual Reality Tour

360° Virtual Tour is a simulation of a location inside and out. The panoramic images and professional virtual tours that our team created for clients in the past provide them immersive visual content and experience for overall visualisation.

Virtual Exhibition

Traditional 3D Rendering-Images

An artistic 3D rendering makes things a little more conceptual and photorealistic . Our team is the expert in producing realistic and vivid images by making detail-rich context, shadows, lighting. Visualising the virtual and/or unbuilt architecture, our team makes life easier for our clients to convey precisely what their vision and perspectives and design concepts are.


Traditional 3D Rendering- Architectural Animation

3D architectural animation creates a walk-through experience. This way-more-in-depth presentation demonstrates minute details which could not be found in still images.

We are capable of visualizing the idea by using high-end 3D animation to help clients fully see the space and features from all angles .

Brewin Lobby Animation